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Fine Art

"There are many and more note worthy "pluses" to working with LightJetsLightJetsPlus: amazing color and consistency, clean mounting, fast turn around, and so on. However, the reason I print at LightJets and even endorse LightJets to the artists I know is LightJet 's incredible customer service. Through our amazing client-customer relationship I receive so much more value from LightJets then a 60" print will ever bring to my business. It's like doing business with friends and knowing they support you in turn."
– Jason Matias Photography www.jasonmatias.com

"Thank you so much for rushing my order in time for Christmas, and helping to keep my clients happy. Please give my aloha to your staff and Krystle."
– Dustin Acdal Photography www.dustinacdal.com

"Starting my fine art photography business in 2009 it was obvious I needed a more cost effective solution for high quality prints. The quality of the test profile chart and sample prints from LightJetsLightJetsPlus was by far the most accurate of all the suppliers I had contacted, making my decision easy. Using their service as my exclusive supplier for several years I can heartily recommend LightJetsLightJetsPlus for quality products, fair prices and terrific customer service."
– Ed Cooley www.whiterivergallery.com

"I had worked with a number of custom color labs prior to working with LightJetsLightJetsPlus and I always had problems or issues with them. Having worked with LightJetsLightJetsPlus for over 2 years now, I can’t see ever having another lab produce my artwork. I produce a fairly large volume of work every month and they never let me down. The work is done in a timely manner and the prints have a consistency of quality and color accuracy that is demanded by my clients. My prints look excellent and they are done quickly at very reasonable prices. When problems do occur, my customer service representative is always there to work through them. What more could you ask for?!"
– Lee Rylee www.leerylee.com

"I have known and worked with some of the personnel at LightJetsLightJetsPlus for over 30 years in commercial photography and fine art printing. To me, as a photographer, to be able to call on that knowledge and expertise, which has evolved from film to the digital age is invaluable. That and the friendly customer service would make me a customer. To be able to take a photograph and know it will be reproduced as a high quality, cost effective print is why I can honestly endorse LightJetsLightJetsPlus."
– Milton Bell Photography www.miltonbellphotography.com

"While researching the market for a specialty lab that could produce large colorful prints of my photographs, LightJetsLightJetsPlus stood out as a clear industry leader. Their professional service is second to none and nothing makes me feel better than having the confidence that my work will look its best each and every time! LightJetsLightJetsPlus gets the job done on time and their competitive pricing has enabled my fine art business to grow beautifully since 2010!"
– John Richter www.richterfineartphotography.com

“As a professional photographer I would not use anyone other than LightJetsLightJetsPlus for my printed images. The quality of the product produced by LightJetsLightJetsPlus printing is exceptional, along with the customer service and utmost professionalism given to me as their client.”
– Darleen - Darleen Prem Photography www.darleenprem.com

“You literally ran me out of the printing business, and I am so glad! I do fine art photography, so making great prints was always part of my process. But I’ve sold my 44” Epson, I got rid of my inventory of ink and papers. Now I have a big chunk of space in my studio where I am doing other things. I was good, but your printing is better than mine was. I now have access to your amazing range of printing options The bottom line: I can’t afford to print for myself anymore, your prices are that good. LightJetsLightJetsPlus, you’re the best!”
– Eric Hansen www.ericlhansen.com


"We chose LightJetsLightJetsPlus because of their impeccable attention to detail when it comes to printing our marketing needs. Not only are they extremely accurate and dependable, but they understand our vision and execute all of our projects before the assigned deadline!"
– Ashley Densmore - Swim N’ Sport www.swimnsport.com

“The City of Sioux Falls is extremely pleased with our LightJet prints from LightJetsLightJetsPlus "Their customer service, pricing, speed, and especially the quality, is unsurpassed. We look forward to doing business with you again!"
Lauri Sohl, City of Sioux Falls

"On behalf of all of us at the Department of State, here in Washington and in Sao Paulo, I want to express my profound gratitude to all of you for the wonderful work that you did to make the presentation of Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio a success. Your individual contributions, all made racing the clock, have combined to produce an exhibition of great beauty and strength. One that we can all be proud of and that many of your colleagues, architects and artists from around the world, have received with great enthusiasm."
Leanne Mella, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, U.S. Department of State

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